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What are the Advantages of Aluminum Wafer?

Aluminum Wafer

The application of aluminum wafers in life is very extensive. So why are aluminum wafers so widely used? What are the advantages of aluminum wafers?

First, easy processing. Alumina with a high degree of decorative, hardness is moderate, can be simply bent can be formed, after continuous high-speed stamping, you can directly processed into a product, without messy surface treatment, can greatly reduce the product Production cycle and reduce product production costs.

Second, not easy to oxidize. Anodic aluminum oxide with a nominal thickness oxide film (3μm) can be used in the room to achieve long-term non-discoloration, no corrosion, no oxidation, no rust. Anodic aluminum oxide with a thickened oxide film (10μm) is used outdoors, and it also ensures long-term exposure to sunlight without discoloration.

Third, the metal texture is strong. The anodized aluminum surface has a high hardness, can achieve gem grade, good scratch resistance, and the surface is not covered by paint, and retains the color of the aluminum plate metal.

Fourth, strong fire resistance. Pure metal products, the surface without paint and other chemical substances, 600 degrees high temperature does not burn, but also will not produce toxic gases, in line with the needs of fire and environmental protection.

Fifth, strong anti-fouling performance. There will be no fingerprints, no blemishes or traces, and it will be clean and simple, and it will not be etched and mottled.
Sixth, strong applicability: It is widely used and can be used in many places in life.