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Advantages of Aluminum Wafer Cutting

Aluminum Wafer

The cutting of aluminum discs has higher requirements on precision and cutting surface. How to cut to ensure the cutting surface is intact? Gongyi Shengzhou Aluminum is one of the largest aluminum wafer processing enterprises in China. It has great advantages in the production of aluminum wafers.

Gongyi Sheng Zhou aluminum industry adopts the fully automated production line, with high cutting accuracy and no damage to appearance. When processing the plate, it cuts off when cooling, and does not appear hot deformation. The cutting surface is smooth and non-prickly, the cutting seam is small, the technology is precise, the precision is high, the power is fast, the quality is good, especially the disc cutting saw is to use pneumatic semi-active high-speed aluminum plate cutting machine, using tungsten steel circular saw blade cut, The speed of the machine saw blade can reach 3200 revolutions per minute. The cut aluminum material section is bright and burr-free, the section does not need to be processed again, the machine has excellent safety performance, the pedal pneumatic switch, automatic pressing and sawing, the appearance is not damaged, and the sawing angle is more precise; low oscillation, low noise; high power. By adding active fuel injection equipment, the life of the saw blade can be extended and the workpiece surface can be more lubricated without burrs. The hidden saw method is adopted, which has high safety, can be sawed by single or multiple branches, fine-tuning the positioning equipment, and the positioning scale is more accurate. The use of imported accessories (spindle and electrical accessories, etc.) is an important guarantee for long-term stable processing of the machine.

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