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How Much Do You Know about the Advantages of Aluminum Wafers?

Aluminum Wafers

Aluminum wafers are used in a wide range of applications in our lives. Some home kitchens and panels are made of aluminum wafers. But why manufacturers will choose aluminum wafers this material, obviously there are many metal materials that can be used, ah, this is what we want to understand today, the advantages of aluminum wafers, let's take a look.

1. The hardness is moderate and easy to process; as we all know, aluminum is a moderate material, simple bending can be formed, if you are in continuous high-speed stamping, you can use it as a finished product. This can greatly reduce the production cycle and costs.

2. The fire protection is relatively good. Generally, pure aluminum circular paper products have no chemical substances on the surface, so even at a high temperature of 600 degrees, they will not burn and will not produce any toxic gases. This is a lot of fire protection and environmental protection is Need.

3. The oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance are very good. The aluminum anodized aluminum plate with the standard thickness of 3 μ m oxide film is mainly used in the room, because it can maintain no discoloration, no oxidation and corrosion resistance for a long time.

4. Aluminum wafers are generally anodized, so the surface hardness is better, scratch resistance is good, the surface is not covered by paint, the aluminum sheet metal color is preserved, excellent modern metal sense, and the product level and the added value are advanced.

5. Aluminum wafer has very strong anti-fouling, very good practicability. Generally speaking, we leave handprints on aluminum wafers that are very clean. Green disks are mainly used in metal ceilings, panels and fire panels.