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Aluminum Discs Manufacturers Introduced the Knowledge

Aluminum Discs

Aluminum discs processing manufacturers said that, now the number of domestic aluminum coil is gradually increasing the number of sales is already a part of the aluminum belt sales. Aluminum strip is characterized by its low density, long life, smooth appearance of the surface looks good, both in the power and chemical use of a large amount. Want to make better use of aluminum strips, the use of longer and storage environment has an important relationship, let's look at the following.

According to aluminum discs processing manufacturers understand, to ensure that the storage location to be ventilated and dry. Aluminum coil is a colored alloy, if the contact with water oxidation reaction occurs, so it will bring the aluminum coil with the outer protective film damage, to make the quality of the outer surface of the aluminum coil worse, so it’s necessary to store the aluminum coil in dry place.

Aluminum wafer manufacturers introduced to the sealing of its packaging, under normal circumstances aluminum roll in the factory will make a waterproof packaging, which will be placed inside the waterproof packaging moisture agent, it is recommended that users don't take the package damage when not in use, so you can store for a long time, do not worry about oxidation. If the conditions permit, you can do after the application of aluminum roll such a package.