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Aluminum Discs are the Basis for the Production of Aluminum Products

Aluminum Discs

Aluminum discs are widely used in our lives, are widely used in a variety of industries, electronic appliances, cosmetic, automotive, aviation and other industries have applications, aluminum wafer is the basic processing of aluminum metal products.

Aluminum discs are produced by users in the form of cold extrusion to produce a variety of products, hoses, hoods and other accessories. With the development of science and technology, not only in our daily life, in the field of space, military and other aspects have also been widely developed and applied.

Gongyi Cable Wire Co., Ltd. as the leading domestic manufacturer of aluminum discs, is constantly seeking knowledge and exploration, and strive to do better and more specialized aluminum discs, not only for the quality of the wafer to strictly control, and actively introduce advanced production equipment, shorten Supply cycle, for the market and customer needs, continue to make optimization and improvement, while providing customers with customized and convenient services. Strive to do the country's best aluminum wafer suppliers.

Introduction of our company

Gongyi Aluminum Co.,Ltd. is a professional Aluminium Coil manufacturer and Aluminum Circles manufacturers,mainly supply Aluminium Coil,Aluminum Circles,Aluminium discs,Aluminum Sheet,Household Aluminum Foil,Aluminum Foil for Pharmaceutical Packaging,Aluminum Foil Tape,Aluminum Foil for Air Conditioner,Aluminum Foil for Container etc. series of aluminum products, sincerely welcome everyone to visit. 
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