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Aluminum Wafer Packaging and Transportation Precautions

Aluminum Wafer

Aluminum wafers are relatively common metal materials in our lives. We all know that the correct packaging can facilitate the subsequent transportation work. What should we pay attention to the packaging of such wafers? How can the correct packaging be transported?

Aluminum wafers are usually packaged in a derrick rack when they are packaged, and the packaging should meet the needs of storage and transportation. The material used for the derrick stands is wood, and there are two wooden components on the upper and lower sides. Generally, the height below is determined according to the demand of the forklift operation. On the upper side of the upper side, the radial shape corresponding to the radial shape is formed and then used. The screw is fixed. Generally, the length of the screw is lower than the surface of the upper wooden arc so as to avoid scratching the aluminum wafer.

In the process of transporting aluminum foil, the surface of the aluminum foil roll needs to be wrapped with a layer of strong neutral or weakly acidic material and placed in the packing list. Then the overlapped area is fixed with adhesive tape and the cushion is cushioned so that Protect the end of the aluminum box roll. Second, put desiccant in the material roll, wrap it with plastic cloth, and stick it with tape at the outermost plastic film's sealing place, leaving some plugs' cores at the ends of the plastic cloth. Finally, put the wrapped aluminum foil roll on the cross and fix it with a steel belt, and then put a box on each side of the aluminum foil roll. In addition, we must pay attention to the method when transporting, and handle it gently when loading and unloading.