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Application and Characteristics of Aluminum Discs in Electrical and Electronic Industry

Aluminum Discs

In our lives, most of the wires are made of aluminum. Aluminum has incomparable characteristics of the other metals in electric power applications. Let's talk about the applications and features of aluminum metal and aluminum wafers in the electrical and electronic industries.

Aluminum shows excellent conductivity and thermal conductivity, which makes it irreplaceable in electric power. In addition, some special aluminum alloys with high resistivity have been successfully developed. These alloys can be used in motors with high torque, which shows that aluminum plays a more important role in electric power applications.

Compared with copper, on the basis of equal components,the conductivity of aluminum is almost twice that of copper. The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloys is only 50 to 60 percent of copper, which is more useful for making heat exchangers, evaporators, heating appliances, catering appliances, and car cylinder heads and radiators. Also means that aluminum metal has unparalleled advantages and characteristics.

At the same time, aluminum metal is not magnetic, can not be spontaneously ignited, non-toxic, soft, shiny, and these characteristics also make it able to play a better role in the electrical industry and the electronics industry.

Aluminum metal and aluminum wafers and aluminum alloys have an increasingly important role in the electronic and electrical industries. The multi-functional application of aluminum alloys also reduces dependence on other higher-priced metals. On the one hand, it reduces production costs. In addition, it also saves resources.