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Discussion on The Technology of Automobile Aluminium Alloy Casting

In recent years, vehicles generally increase, for this issue, China's light industry will have a substantial development, then the aluminum will also focus on the development of aluminum wafer as the main object of development.

Currently in the automotive lightweight technology, aluminum, magnesium alloy and other light metal materials, plastics and other composite materials are applied, then the advantage of aluminum is light weight, good strength, excellent processing performance, but also recycling. Since these somewhat intermediate mid-size sedans are already in use, it is generally understood in the art as a combination of fluidity, shrinkage, airtightness, casting stress, aspiration, which is the most outstanding performance during full mold casting and cooling The performance of these aluminum alloys depends on the composition of the alloy.

In this way, the casting will ultimately depend on the raw materials, so we also need aluminum wafer, which will greatly improve the appearance of the process.

The above about the automobile aluminum alloy casting technology, in life inseparable from aluminum wafer support, only mutual cooperation, can do a good job of quality products. If you have any questions, please look forward to the next time we see you, remember to pay attention to this site.