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Cable Aluminum Foil

Cable Aluminum Foil

Cable aluminum foil is a layer of film on the surface of aluminum foil, also known as a kind of aluminum foil composite tape.Aluminum foil coated cable can protect the cable from corrosion, can also play a shielding signal does not leak.

Aluminum foil alloy of cable is 1235 and 8011, generally divided into O state and H18 state, the thickness of 8011 alloy is 0.1 mm,0.15 mm or 0.2 mm, the thickness of 1235 alloy is 0.025-0.05 mm, the width is 500 mm, the length is required, domestic commonly used for 2050 mm or 3050 mm is basically more than 4000 mm.

The quality requirements of cable aluminum foil are mainly that the surface can not have oil and aluminum ash. If the surface with oil and aluminum ash will affect the effect of the film, there should be no holes, and the hole will cause the broken band when cutting, resulting in insufficient length and influence. Equipment efficiency must secondly have high mechanical properties.
Cable aluminum foil processing fee: the price is based on the thickness and state, the price is higher for thin thickness, O state is slightly higher than H18 state.

Application of cable aluminum foil: in signal line, cable aluminum foil material is a kind of widely used shielding material, which mainly plays the role of shielding, radiation protection and anti-static. The thickness of aluminum foil has a great relationship with the shielding effect. Generally, the interference source at a frequency below 1 GHz is difficult to penetrate the aluminum foil with a thickness of 38 u or more. Of course, the shielding effect of the aluminum foil is worse than that of the winding, and the shielding effect of the winding is worse than that of the weaving, but in general, the weaving and the aluminum foil are simultaneously exist. Because braided shielding is a mesh structure, interference sources of a certain frequency and wavelength will be braided to be missed, so these missed signals will be received by cable aluminum foil again to achieve better shielding effect.