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How Aluminum Discs are Produced?

Aluminum Discs

Aluminum discs are the most common life parts in life. No matter which industry is processing and custom-made, the quality requirements are very strict. Therefore, manufacturers in many industries will choose the manufacturers with more guaranteed quality to customize their needs aluminum discs.

In fact, to say how aluminum wafer is produced, its industrial manufacturing industry is not very easy, it generally uses punching machine, mechanical press / crank press: open tilting press, open fixed press. Closed single / double / four-point press, etc. As for the process, this involves the stamping process, but the parts you are talking about are very simple, that is, two steps. It includes blank cutting and blanking. If it's roll material, add an open roll in front of it.

Specific aluminum wafer production process is like this, is very simple, however, a quality inspection of the aluminum wafer is to strictly test every aspect, can produce good quality products.
The above is the aluminum wafer production process, today is just a brief introduction for everyone, everyone can also pay attention to our website, we will provide the most professional knowledge, and the production of high quality aluminum wafer products.