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How to Identify Inferior Aluminum Products

Aluminum metals, aluminum alloys, etc. are often used in our lives. How do we identify the quality of these aluminum products at the time of purchase?
Aluminum alloy doors and windows are one of the profiles commonly used in our home improvement. Unqualified aluminum alloy doors and windows, when used, will be affected by sunlight, air, rain, etc., causing deformation of the aluminum alloy, and even the phenomenon of glass cracking and falling off. Therefore, we must learn to identify the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum materials to prevent fraud.
Feature 1,the thickness of oxide film is thin
According to national standards, the thickness of oxide films in architectural aluminum profiles cannot be less than 10 µm. If the thickness is not enough, then aluminum profiles are prone to rust and corrosion. After visiting and sampling test, there are many aluminum profiles with no production name, factory site, production license, qualification certificate and other formal documents. Its oxide film is far less than the national standard, and its oxide film thickness is only 2 to 4 um.Some of its have no oxide film at all.
Feature 2, the raw materials selected are not up to standard or used waste raw materials
In the production process, a large amount of mixed aluminum and aluminum scraps are incorporated, and these means are used to reduce production costs. As a result, the chemical composition of the aluminum profiles of the building is unqualified, which seriously jeopardizes the safety of construction projects and users.
Features 3, reduce the profile wall thickness
90 series sliding window type, in accordance with relevant national standards, aluminum wall thickness can not be less than 1.4mm, after the visit, some Guangdong products is only 0.6 to 0.7mm. For the 46 series floor-ejection type, the minimum wall thickness of the aluminum profiles used in the national standard shall not be less than 1.62mm. In the spot inspection, some Guangdong products are only 0.97 to 1.18mm.
Feature 4, reducing the loss of chemical reagents, the corrosion resistance standard is greatly reduced
In our lives, there are still many such unscrupulous traders. I hope that when buying aluminum products, we must buy regular products. By comparing parameters, you can prevent being deceived.