Measures to Tackle the Stickiness of Double Zero Aluminum Foil

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Measures to Tackle the Stickiness of Double Zero Aluminum Foil 

1. annealing process improvement

The new annealing process is based on the main parameters of the annealing process is the annealing time, mainly depends on the furnace volume, foil width and volume diameter. Loading the furnace, the larger the diameter, the wider the foil, the longer the annealing time. Should ensure that the effect of degreasing under the premise of the lower the better the annealing temperature, regardless of whether the full re-crystallization of aluminum foil. Meet the user requirements is to develop a new annealing basis.

2. rolling process control

The aluminum foil with the rolling process and the performance, type and ratio of the rolling oil and additives must be appropriate. If the rolling process with a large amount of oil, then by the subsequent annealing process can not achieve good oil removal effect.

3. cutting process control

The surface degreasing quality of the aluminum foil is related to the quality control of the rolling process and the annealing process, and is related to the degree of tightening of the slitting process, and it is important to control the porosity of the double foil. Slitting operation, according to the different material width, the taper of the taper between 6% to 32% to adjust, and achieved a better oil removal effect.

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