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Medical Aluminum Foil Packaging Bag


Medical packaging bags: alias: sterilization packaging bags, sterilization packaging bags, medical packaging bags, medical paper plastic bags.

Production Process

Printing, inspection, compounding, curing, slitting, bag making.

Chromatic aberration

Color difference phenomenon refers to the phenomenon that the printed matter is inconsistent with the color of the sample, color draft and sample confirmed by the customer.

Cause Analysis

1. The angle of the scraper is wrong.

2. The hue of the ink is wrong.

3. The plate is not cleaned and wiped clean.


1. Adjust the angle of the scraper, the color is too deep, the angle of the scraper is increased; the color is too shallow, the angle is small, and the scraper is pushed forward to increase the amount of ink to increase the saturation of the coloring.

2. Replace the ink with the same hue or re-adjust the ink color. If the ink color is thick, you can also add some thinner to reduce the color density to achieve the same color.