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Production of Aluminum Foil Blank

Aluminum Foil

1.Hot rolling(DC)——Hot-rolling blooming

When casting the surface temperature is relatively uniform, the surface performance of the ingot is close, and the surface of the ingot is removed. The surface is segregated and the surface is normal metal. In the subsequent rolling slowly shedding. At the same time there is a new oxide film formation.

2.Cast rolling(CC)——Continuous roll casting/Continuous casting and rolling

1)When casting rolling the crystallization front uneven distribution of temperature, resulting in uneven along the lateral surface composition, some impurities down vertical separation, the billet surface longitudinal stripes, such as "white bar".

2)Casting generally take graphite lubrication casting roll, aluminum surface of the graphite will gradually fall off in the subsequent rolling, but more or less will remain on the board (can not do PS board base).

3)The surface oxide film is thick.

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