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What are the Properties of Aluminum Wafers?

Aluminum Wafers

Everyone knows that the application of aluminum in our lives is very common. Of course, the same is true for aluminum wafers. It is also ubiquitous in our lives, such as various household appliances in our lives, as well as various kinds of Electronic products and automotive products.

With the continuous advancement of technology, the application of aluminum wafers has not only been applied in our daily life, but now aluminum wafers have been widely used and developed in the military industry in aerospace engineering. There is no doubt that the application of aluminum wafers and aluminum alloys will become more and more common in the future. After investigation, it is known that aluminum metal ranks second in global metal use, second only to steel, and has become the second largest metal in people's applications. The reason why it is widely used is that aluminum has properties that other metals do not have.

Due to its light weight and strong corrosion resistance, aluminum is widely used in transportation, such as aviation, automobiles and ships. In addition, high-end industries such as spacecraft and satellites also use a large number of aluminum wafers, aluminum metal and aluminum alloys.

Secondly, it has excellent electrical conductivity. Its conductivity is weaker than that of gold, silver and copper. However, due to its large reserves and low density, it is only one-third of that of copper. Therefore, the same amount of electricity is guaranteed, and the quality of aluminum is as long as Half of the copper. In addition, the outer oxide film of aluminum not only has corrosion resistance but also certain insulation properties, so aluminum wafer metal has very common use in the electrical appliance manufacturing industry, wire and cable, and radio industry.