The Reason for the High Price of Aluminum Discs

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The Reason for the High Price of Aluminum Discs

Aluminum Discs

There may be many of friends have such doubts, when buying aluminum discs and aluminum plate,found that the price of aluminum discs is higher than the price of aluminum sheet, very confused in accordance with normal aluminum aluminum material should be a little more,in accordance with the normal aluminum sheet aluminum material should be a little more, the price should be higher. Today I will give you an analysis of this problem, and I hope to help you.

Aluminum discs avoid light is very good,by printing packaging can show very good color bright effect, insulated very well, is not susceptible to the invasion of bacteria and insects;Shape stability is good, not affected by humidity change. It can also print on aluminum discs, such as color printing, embossing, surface coating, gluing, painting, and so on, so it is a little more complicated at the time of processing.

Aluminum wafer normally processed into composite material with paper and plastic film can be used to all aspects. So in the process will be more a series of punching process, since more than aluminum plate of a process, will increase the production cost. So it will affect the aluminum wafer offer in a certain degree.

Another aspect is that scrap occurs during the production of aluminum wafers,if in the process of special standard aluminum wafers, a lot of waste will be added because of add a process. There is the production of special aluminum wafer size will use a special model, so these factors are the cause of the high price of aluminum wafer.

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