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The Characteristics of Aluminium Foil

Aluminium Foil

Aluminum discs processing factory introduced to, used in packaging and food contact materials, the safety of the aluminum foil is no doubt. So in many cases, the aluminum foil doesn't react with food. In the scope of its application in aluminum foil and other composite materials, also is not direct contact with packaged products. 

According to the understanding of aluminum discs processing factory, aluminum foil surface has very bright metal luster, but also has any printing technology can printing on the aluminum foil, so can let designers imagination, design a beautiful pattern on the aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil can put ninety-eight percent on the surface of aluminum foil as the light reflection. And the surface is bright, has very low thermal emissivity. Because the insulation material of these characteristics it can be used in energy saving, and make a difference in this respect.

Aluminum discs processing manufacturers introduced to the aluminum foil can shield the magnetic field and a radio signal, in optical fiber and cable, the aluminum foil can be used as a tracker for detecting the connection of the cable, as well as can use the new conductive energy, testing the loop whether there is any damage of the cable.