The Performance of Aluminum Foil

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The Performance of Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Foil

The performance of the coated carbon foil/copper foil

1.Significantly improve battery pack consistency, significantly reducing battery pack costs.Such as:

(1)Significantly reduce the batteries dynamic internal resistance increase;

(2)Improve the consistency of the pressure difference of the battery;

(3)Extend the life of the battery pack

(4)Significantly decrease the cost of the battery pack

2.Improve the adhesion of active materials and current collector adhesion, soft materials, easy processing, reduce pole piece manufacturing costs.Such as:

(1)Improve the use of water-based system of the cathode material and the adhesion of the collector;

(2)Improve the adhesion of nanocrystalline or submicron-based cathode materials and collectors.

(3)Improve the adhesion of lithium titanate or other high-capacity anode materials and collectors;

(4)Improve the qualification rate of pole piece, reduce the cost of pole piece.

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