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Aluminum Foil is a soft metallic film with the characteristics of moisture proof, air seal, and anti-erosion, keep flavor, non-poisonous and tasteless etc. It can be produced of various kinds of beautiful patterns by its elegant silver gloss. It has clean and effulge appearance and can be made of integration packing materials. Meanwhile, the surface printing effect of the aluminum foil is much better than the other materials.


1. Aluminum foil is a kind of tasteless and non-toxic packing materials which can be used in food.
2. Any bacteria or microorganisms cannot grow on the surface of aluminum foil.
3. The packaged food will not dry or shrink by its non-volatile feature.
4. The Grease penetration will never happen on aluminum foil whether in a high or low temperatures.
5. As an opaque packaging material, the sun ray irradiation products such as margarine can be packaged well by aluminum foil.
6. Aluminum foil has good plasticity, it can be used of packaging products of various shape and also can be created different container shapes.
7. It has good hardness and strong tension strength, but it is easy to be teared because of the small tear strength.
8. The aluminum foil can only applied heat and seal by the heat materials such as PE on its surface.
9. The adverse reactions may caused by meeting with the other heavy metals.


Aluminum foil is widely used as packaging materials in food, beverages, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, photographic plate, household items etc; as the electrolytic capacitor materials and thermal insulation materials, it can be used in buildings, vehicles, ships and houses etc; also can be used as the packing materials such as metallic yarn, wallpaper, office stationary prints and decoration of light industrial products.


Alloy Designation Specification(mm) Status
Thickness Width
1100/1145/1235/1050/1060/1070 0.0065-0.2 15-1800 O/H12/H14/H24/H16/H26/H18/H19
3003/3A21/3105 0.012-0.2 15-1800 O/H14/H24/H16/H26/H18
5052/5083 0.012-0.2 15-1800 O/H14/H24/H16/H26/H18
8011/8011A 0.0065-0.2 15-1800 O/H22/H14/H24/H16/H26/H18/H19
Inner Diameter(mm) 75/150/200/220/300/405

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