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1100 Aluminum Foil

1100 Aluminum Foil

1100 Aluminum Foil Specifications

Thickness: 0.026-0.2

Application areas: food packaging, medicinal aluminum foil, aluminum foil gasket, electrolytic capacitors, and so on.

1100 Aluminum Foil Introduction

1100 aluminum foil has good formability, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and a certain strength, is widely used in the refrigeration industry, heat exchangers, chemical and food industry in the storage containers, the electronics industry in the capacitor shell material.

1100 Aluminum Foil  Picture

1100 Aluminum Foil

1100 Aluminum Foil Technical parameters
Alloy 1100 Aluminum Foil
Temper H18
 Inner diameter
Typical products Electronic components, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, etc

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