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Aluminum Sheet

Product Description of Aluminum Sheet

When aluminum is passed between rolls under pressure, it reaches the desired thickness or gage to form aluminum sheet.   When the rolling process is stopped largely determines whether the final product will be aluminum plate (thickness 0.2-500mm, width 200mm or more, length 16m or less), aluminum strip (width 200mm or less), or aluminum foil (width 0.2mm or less).With the improvement of Production equipment, the thickness of aluminum sheet can be 600mm or more.

Classification of Aluminum Sheet

By alloy composition, aluminum sheet can be divided into:
High purity aluminum plate rolling (by the content above 99.9 high purity aluminum)
Pure aluminum plate (ingredients made from pure aluminum rolling)
Aluminum alloy (composed of aluminum alloy and auxiliary, usually with aluminum and copper, aluminum, manganese, aluminum, silicon, aluminum, magnesium, etc)
Compound aluminum brazing plate (through a variety of means of material compound special use aluminum material)
Clad aluminum (aluminum coated aluminum sheet used for special purposes)

According to the thickness of the different can be divided into thin plate and thick plate. GB/T3880-2006 standard stipulated in the thickness of 0.2 mm the following referred to as the aluminum foil.

Application of Aluminum Sheet

1, illumination lighting
2, solar reflection
3, architectural appearance
4, indoor decoration, ceiling, metope, etc
5, furniture and cabinets
6, signs, nameplate, cases, bags
7, Indoor decorations, such as picture frames
8, household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, etc
9, machine parts
10, mold manufacturing
11, chemical, thermal insulation pipe coating

Technical Parameters of Aluminum Sheet

Alloy No. Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Inner Diameter (mm) Main Product
1050  1060
3003  8011
0   H12H14
H16 H18
H22H24 H26
0.2-4.0 600-1400 900-4200 Ф75
Pure aluminum , aluminum alloy plates, wall plates, color-coated, roll, ceilings and other aluminum products
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