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The Advantage of Aluminum Discs Stamping

Aluminum Discs

At present, the development of aluminum industry in China is really very eye-catching, especially the specific production equipment, which is an important part of the aluminum production and processing, then the aluminum discs processing is an indispensable process.

Advanced aluminum discs stamping equipment has become the key to improve product quality and utilization of aluminum; In addition, with the continuous improvement of consumer prices, the price of labor is also rising, how to scientifically and reasonably improve labor efficiency and reduce labor Cost is also an important issue facing the business.

In the current industry, compared with the main adopted single square material is made into the form of rounding , oblique cutting , etc, the application of the equipment production line has greater advantages:

The first is the high degree of automation. The coordinated control adopts advanced automated control systems, to eliminate the artificial disc punching safety and product quality problems. The second is the production of high efficiency. Do not need to roll slitting and cutting processing, reducing production processes, reduce production costs, reduce the damage of material the surface of the wafer may produce, no pollution, no scratches.

Aluminum discs processing technology can effectively save raw materials, improve the utilization of rough materials. Not only increased production, but also protect all aspects of security and various hidden dangers.