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Aluminium Discs Protective Measures

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We all know that the hardness of aluminum is softer than other metal a lot, as long as a slight friction the surface will appear a lot of tiny scratches. So when we in the transport, handling and processing of aluminum discs should be very carefully, focus on the protection of the surface of the aluminum discs, in order to avoid scratches,I summarize the methods for protecting the surface of aluminum discs.

Usually we in order to avoid the surface of aluminum discs were scratched, when the factory will be affixed to a layer of protective film or separated by paper to protect, so as to avoid the aluminum disc and aluminum discs between the friction caused by scratches. At the same time be sure to ensure that when the transport is relatively fastness, so as to avoid the problem of sliding due to transport, which is more likely to cause scratches.

In addition, when the manual handling, the workers need to wear gloves, so you can avoid sweat to stay on the surface of aluminum discs, because after the long time the surface of the aluminum wafer is likely to be corroded or oxidized. In the processing time, especially in the shear plate bending time to note that if the surface quality requirements are relatively high, recommended paste protective film.

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