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Aluminum Circles Packaging Considerations

Aluminum Circles

Aluminum circle need packaging after the completion of processing,prevent surface oxidation, stabbed and deformation, so in the packaging process we should pay attention to what the problem?

1.When packaging, we usually use a well shaped frame packaging, packaging should fit the storage requirements. Derrick is made of wood and next is made of two wood, wood for height, to meet the forklift operation requirements, on the wood to make the above and the roll diameter the corresponding arc shape, on the wood were fixed with screw, screw length should be lower than the wood surface arc to prevent pricks aluminum wafer. Second, product inspection after passing inspection with India.

2.Product inspection qualified after stamped with the seal.

3.Aluminum foil coil outside need around a layer of strong neutral or weak acid materials (high publication is generally used), then put in the packing list, the Joint cement by the tape. Mat soft pad on the face of the end,in order to maintain the end face of aluminum box volume to prevent scratches.

4.Add the desiccant. The whole use plastic cloth wrapped all the material roll, joint outer plastic cloth to taped down, the plastic cloth into the tube core. The remaining ends with waterproof cardboard suitable scale respectively along the circumferential direction all wrapped aluminum wafer and closed end surface, end face and circumferential phase and all the gaps are taped.

5.The wrapped in aluminum foil coil cross shelf and along the circumferential direction and then use steel strip fixed to the lashing solid. In the packed aluminum foil coil end are respectively pasted on a card box. Besides the box and the derrick bearing, the cost of packaging, should also include the delivery method and user handling methods and precautions.