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The Reason Why Aluminum Foil and Tin Foil are Often Confused

Aluminum foil paper refers to an aluminum foil material processed by metal aluminum or aluminum alloy through a rolling device, generally having a thickness of less than 0.025 mm. However, in the area of Guangdong and Hong Kong, some people refer to this as tin foil, and the thickness of 0.2mm or less is called aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is a silver-white light metal that is malleable and forms an anti-corrosive oxide film in moist air.

The tin paper is processed by using a metal tin to be processed by a rolling device. The tin paper has excellent ductility and toughness, so it is easy to process the tin paper with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm, and can be even processed by hand. The tin paper has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, low melting point and silver-white micro-strip blue color, and the chemical property is relatively stable.

From the point of view of development, tin is an ancient processing material. The first is to serve as tin bowls, tin wine pots and other food utensils; The processing of aluminum is relatively late. The earliest aluminum foil factory in China was established in 1992 by several aluminum companies in Switzerland, Canada and the United Kingdom, which is generally used in cigarette foil and candy packaging paper foil. Tin foil or tin foil is also the main material for wrapping food, but because of the lower melting point of tin foil, it limits its application in food packaging. Therefore, aluminum foil replaces tin foil packaging with a higher melting point, especially in the aspects of grilling, baking, etc., and must be packaged with aluminum foil, which can be kept clean and non-toxic.

The density of aluminum foil is less than half of the density of tin foil, which has an inherent advantage in price. Therefore, the birth of aluminum foil soon replaced the position of tin foil on food packaging and cigarette foil packaging, but it was because the replacement time was too short and because The appearance of the two foil products is very similar, they are all silver-white, so that the aluminum foil paper is called tin foil in the folk.

Therefore, the aluminum foil paper is called tin foil is a traditional name, in fact, the material has been replaced by aluminum foil paper, but now many people still have the traditional tin foil name, so now online search for tin foil, there will still be a lot of aluminum foil related results.