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Aluminum Foil for Tape

Aluminum Foil for Tape

Common specifications for aluminum foil tape are (0.05mm-0.08mm)* various widths* length. Aluminum foil tape is the main raw and auxiliary material for refrigerator and freezer factory. Commonly available are 1235 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil, and the tape is widely used in refrigerators, air, automotive, electronics, packaging and other industries.

The reason why aluminum foil tape is widely used is because of the following characteristics:

1. Aluminum foil tape can be used to paste the joints of all composite materials, sealing of the insulation nail puncture and repair of the damaged part.

2.The ink of aluminum foil tape is a non-toxic ink approved by the American Food and Drug Association in all current printing methods. Therefore, aluminum foil tape, also known as green tape, is widely used in the field of food and pharmaceutical packaging.

3.The ink layer of the tape foil is thinner than the gravure printing, but thicker than the offset printing, which is very advantageous for the large-area color blocks commonly used in printing and packaging products. Since the anilox roller is used for ink transfer, in general, if the paper condition is unchanged and the ink state is unchanged. , the ink color between the same batch of products or different batches of products can be consistent, which is the basic requirements of packaging printing, but also difficult to achieve by other offset printing methods.

4.The printing effect of the tape foil on the plastic film is comparable to that of the gravure printing. Because the material is soft and the printing pressure is small, it is particularly suitable for the printing of a printing medium such as corrugated paper which cannot withstand excessive pressure.