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Anti-rust Properties of Aluminum Discs 

Aluminum Discs

As we all know, iron products in the use of a period of time after the emergence of rusty phenomenon, then the aluminum discs will not be like iron in the use of a period of time after the rust it? Gongyi aluminum Xiaobian today to tell you that the aluminum disc is not rusty, because the chemical reaction is different, aluminum is only oxidized.

It is understood that manufacturers in the processing of aluminum discs, aluminum materials will be added inside the other anti-rust corrosion of metal elements, so the production of aluminum disc with rust-proof effect. Gongyi aluminum production of aluminum discs to join the manganese alloy, we all know that manganese has a good anti-rust function, so you can become rust-proof aluminum discs.

We usually use the aluminum pot is made of aluminum discs, and its surface has a thin layer of oxide film, only 0.00001 mm thickness, in the industry, in order to be more durable aluminum discs, often will be Production of aluminum wafer for processing, so that the oxide film is more thick.

In life, people often when cleaning the aluminum pot with steel balls to wipe, think this will become shiny aluminum products, in fact, this approach is wrong, because it is easy to be oxidized film surface to erase. But it will rust, can protect aluminum inside the rust, this kind of protective film called alumina after the alumina characteristic is wiped off, it will generate a new alumina layer to protect the internal aluminum.

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