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Common Problems with Buying Aluminum Circles

Aluminum Circles

Aluminum circle price problem, because involves the metal category, the aluminum wafer price has the very big relation to the day aluminum price, the general price is the same day aluminum price plus the processing cost. The question of minimum order quantity of aluminum circles, the order quantity of the aluminum circle is related to the specification and size of the aluminum circle, and the most direct relationship is the specification. This can be consulted with each manufacturer, and the different manufacturer regulations are also different. Does the aluminum circle manufacturer allow customers to visit? Can visit, it is best to contact in advance, convenient to take you to visit each production line.

What kind of aluminum circle is better? What should I pay attention to when choosing? When selecting an aluminum pan, you should pay attention to the straightness and roundness of the pot, the bottom of the pot, the lid and the inside and outside are bright, no dark color, black marks or cracks. At the same time, should check the structure of parts, such as rivets, ring head and other parts are firm, with or without hard spots and blowhole, etc questions.

The above are some common problems in buying aluminum circles. If you have more questions, please feel free to call us and we will answer your questions patiently.