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The Features of Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the most abundant metal elements on Earth, and its total reserves can rank third in all metals. Rich reserves. At the same time aluminum also has the characteristics of other metals do not have, can be applied to all aspects. At present, aluminum has developed into a daily life is extremely popular in a metal material.

The main features of aluminum

Aluminum and aluminum discs have a beautiful appearance, light weight, good machinability, good physical and mechanical properties, and strong corrosion resistance, so that aluminum and aluminum discs in many areas of use have been widely used.

In addition, the density of aluminum is small, only 2.7g / cm3, only equivalent to steel, copper or brass density of 1/3(respectively 7.83g / cm3,8.93g / cm3). In many environmental conditions, aluminum can exhibit excellent corrosion resistance in air, water (or brine), petrochemical, and many chemical systems.

At the same time, aluminum has the appearance of a highly reflective. Radiation, visible light, radiant heat waves can be reflected by aluminum, anodic oxidation and dark anodic oxidation appearance can not only be reflective, it can also be absorbent. After polishing, aluminum has a good reflectivity in a wide range of wavelengths, so it has decorative and reflective functions.

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