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How Can We Produce High Quality Aluminum Wafer Products

Aluminum Wafer

Gongyi Shengzhou Metal Products Co., Ltd. has excellent production equipment, leading production technology, specifically to provide customers with high-quality aluminum wafer products, has been conscientious for many years, has been the support of the broad masses of old and new customers. Today, we will summarize the methods for producing high-quality aluminum wafer products for everyone. We hope to help everyone.

1.If you want to produce high-quality products, good production equipment is necessary, that is, automatic CNC production equipment, there is no need for manual contact with any materials, so that we can avoid production safety risks and product quality risks.

2.This production line does not need longitudinal shearing and crosscutting disposal when coiling material, but uses coil material to produce wafer directly, which can not only reduce the production process, avoid the damage in the cutting process, but also greatly reduce the production cost.

3.Selecting the large-scale mould equipment, fully using the width of the coil material, selecting the high precision servo motor drive system control to reduce the production time, fundamentally reduce the waste generation, improve the production efficiency.

4.Adopt the leading unwinding system, six-fold leveling machine, high rigid mechanical press, automatic palletizing system, etc., to ensure the high quality of aluminum wafer products.
The above four are the methods we have summarized for you to produce high-quality aluminum wafers.