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How to Make Aluminum Discs?

Aluminum Discs

The usefulness of aluminum wafers in our lives is more, and its applications are more extensive. There are relatively wide applications in electronics, daily chemicals, electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing, automobiles, and other industries. How are aluminum wafers produced?

Aluminum wafers are normally cut directly from aluminum coils or sheets and then reprocessed. The process of processing is divided into two steps: first cutting blanks and then blanking. Let's talk about the blanking in detail.

If the material is a roll, it needs to be unrolled first.

The automatic aluminum discs blanking production line is processed as follows:

Aluminum wafer uncoiling blanking production line, is an aluminum wafer automatic integrated production equipment, can directly on the aluminum coil raw materials on the sheet stamping and blanking, saving cutting, strip and other processes, Aluminum wafer is widely used in aluminum manufacturing industry. For example, drawn aluminum wafers used by cookers manufacturers, drawn aluminum wafers used by lamp manufacturers, aluminum discs used for traffic signs, aluminum cans and tank heads etc., a series of required various aluminum wafers , aluminum disks. Can use integrated production equipment, can now meet a large number of companies for wafer blank production requirements. At the same time, greatly improve the company's production efficiency and application rate of materials, shorten the delivery cycle.