Talking About the Matters Needing Attention in Welding of Aluminum Sheet

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Talking About the Matters Needing Attention in Welding of Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum Sheet

Some people may ask, aluminum is very easily oxidized in the air, can it be welded? Gongyi Sheng Zhou told everyone that aluminum sheets can be welded.

1. Aluminum plate welding in the air is very easy to be oxidized to produce alumina. There is an oxide film on the surface of the aluminum plate, and it is not easy to float out of the surface during the fusion process. However, defects such as slag inclusion, no fusion, and incomplete penetration are easily generated. Therefore, when the aluminum plate is welded, the surface of the aluminum plate must be strictly treated, and the oxide film on the surface is cleaned, and the protection is strengthened in the welding process to prevent oxidation.

2. Generally the thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity of aluminum plate are more than twice that of carbon steel and low alloy steel. During the welding process, there will be a large amount of heat energy inside the metal. This energy will consume other parts of the metal in order to increase The quality of welding requires the use of energy-intensive, high-power energy sources or preheated process measures.

3. The general aluminum material has strong light and heat reflection ability. In the welding process, it is solid and liquid state. There is no obvious change in color. If it is not properly handled, it will be easily burned through. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the high temperature aluminum support the strength of the bath.

4. The aluminum plate will continue to overflow hydrogen during the welding cooling process. Hydrogen holes are easily formed. Therefore, the hydrogen source must be strictly controlled during the welding process to prevent the formation of hydrogen gas holes.

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