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The Performance of Aluminum Discs

Aluminum Discs

Needless to say, in the future the application of aluminum discs and aluminum alloy will be more extensive, aluminum metal in the current global use of metal ranked second, second only to steel, has become the application of the second largest metal. Its wide application of the reason is that aluminum has the performance characteristics which the other metal doesn’t have.

First, the weight of aluminum metal is light and strong in anti-corrosion ability, these two points is the most significant characteristics of aluminum discs. Its density is small, light weight, so in the aviation, automobile, ship and other transportation manufacturing industry widely. In addition, the spacecraft, artificial satellites and other high-tip industries also use a lot of aluminum discs, aluminum metal and aluminum alloy.

Second,it has excellent electrical conductivity. Its conductivity is weaker than gold, silver and copper, but because of its large reserves, and the density is small, only equivalent to one-third of copper, so if transport the same amount of electricity, aluminum quality is only Half of copper. In addition, aluminum surface oxide film not only has the ability to resist corrosion there is a certain insulation, so the aluminum wafer metal in the electrical manufacturing industry, wire and cable and the radio industry has a very wide range of uses.

Finally,the malleability of aluminum. Aluminum discs and aluminum alloys are often used as forgings in the industry and are capable of casting forgings of various shapes and varieties, and can be used in a variety of ways to connect, including the use of welding, welding and other welding methods can also use sticky Knot and embossing this mechanical approach to convergence. In addition, aluminum heaters are often used to melt refractory metals and welded rails, and can also be used as a deoxidizer in the process of steelmaking.

Aluminum discs, aluminum alloy performance characteristics are very large and wide, because of the time problem, mainly explains these points, hope to be helpful to you, if you need to know more about, you can consult our official website.

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