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The Production Parameters of Aluminum Wafer

Aluminum Wafer

The main constituent equipment of aluminum wafer uncoiling and blanking production line are as follows: loading trolley, uncoiler, leveling machine, feeder, etc. Widely used in electronics, daily chemicals, medicine, culture and education and auto parts. Such as kitchen utensils such as non-stick pan, pressure cooker, etc. is one of the deep processing products of aluminum alloy sheet and strip with a large amount. The production line technology fundamentally avoids the potential safety hazard and the hidden danger of the product quality of the common punch. And the utilization rate of the raw materials is more than 80 percent. Unwinding system, six-fold leveling machine, high-rigidity mechanical press, automatic palletizing system, etc., to ensure the high quality of wafer products.

The production technology does not need to carry out the longitudinal shear and the transverse cutting treatment of the rolling stock, the production process is reduced, and the production cost is reduced. With the modular mold design, the conversion time can be reduced to within 15 minutes when the wafer production specifications are converted. The diameter of the production disc can range from 85 mm to 750 mm. Production line technical parameters: coil width (mm): 500-1250, 800-1400, 1000-1600; coil weight (kg): 8000, 10000; blanking diameter (mm): 85-660, 85-750, 100 -900.