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Regeneration and Cleanliness of Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Foil

Aluminium discs processing manufacturers to introduce, aluminum has a feature that can be 100% recycling re-use, you can also maintain the original characteristics. The energy consumption of the aluminum regeneration process requires only five percent of the energy consumed by the original aluminum production, so the amount of harmful gases emitted during regeneration will also be significantly reduced. The separation technology is now able to extract the aluminum from the scrap household aluminum product, and the energy needed is very small.

According to aluminium discs processing manufacturers understand that if the aluminum foil is not recovered, but directly inside the incinerator to deal with, then a feature of aluminum to show up, after heating the surface of the aluminum foil will soon oxidize and then a lot of energy is released, and that energy can also be recycled. At this time there is no oxidation of aluminum will melt, and then collected inside the incinerator bottom ash.

Aluminum discs processing manufacturers introduced to, aluminum foil can be applied to a variety of heating methods, such as convection heating oven and microwave heating oven, and the wind oven, you can also heat the aluminum foil packaging food. The use of aluminum foil packaging to make cooking preparation time greatly shortened, but also can save a lot of energy.