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The Use of Aluminum Pot

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Aluminum alloy lightweight, durable, quick heating, uniform thermal conductivity, no rust, but it should not be used to boil acidic or alkaline food and salty food.

Alloy aluminum products are mainly natural color and hard oxidation of two kinds of materials for aluminum and aluminum alloy. The surface colors can be divided into white, light yellow, black and other colors. White aluminum products are divided into casting and stamping two. Casting aluminum products (the traditional said steel pot, 10-20 yuan) surface by car light and mechanical polishing, the surface is white, but the metal tissue loose, there is a certain casting defects. Stamping aluminum products, the surface by the white wash, sanding and mechanical polishing, the surface of the natural oxide film, film thickness of only 0.01-0.15 μm, thin and uneven, it is easy to be mechanical abrasion or wear. While the yellow aluminum products are stamping products by anodized, so that the surface of a layer of pale yellow artificial oxide film. Oxide film is generally thick 5-20μm, uniform and dense, under the action of strong alkali, 100 seconds its film does not destroy, and the black oxide film can be as thick as 30 microns -50 microns, the surface temperature of up to 2500 degrees Celsius, strong acid and strong Alkali, the surface oxide film will not be destroyed. Therefore, the best black aluminum alloy, it has a beautiful, easy to remove dirt, corrosion resistance is relatively strong, strong wear resistance characteristics.

In daily life, many people like to use the steel ball to the bottom of the aluminum pan wiping the light, the experts said that although the wiping out the stain on the pan, but also erased the aluminum cooker surface protective effect of the oxide film The Therefore, the use of aluminum pot, aluminum pot and other aluminum cookware, do not have to wipe the surface of the light yellow film.

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