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Related Technology of Uncoiling and Blanking of Aluminium Disc

Aluminium Disc

The production technology of aluminum wafer is related to the quality and produce efficiency of the aluminum wafers’ finished products. Gongyi Shengzhou actively introduced new technology in the manufacture of aluminum wafer, and matched the automatic production line and special mould. We constantly innovate production technology, improve the quality of finished products and accelerate production efficiency. The corresponding application technology and advantages of Gongyi Shengzhou in the production of aluminum wafers are as follows:

(1) CNC fully automatic production line is adopted,this line starts from the unwinding of the coil and does not require anyone to touch the material in between,there's no need to make any adjustments. This fundamentally eliminates the production safety hidden trouble and product quality hidden danger when punching common punching machine.

(2) The line can directly use the coiled material to produce aluminum wafer, and no longer need the longitudinal shear and crosscutting of the raw material, thus effectively reducing the production process, reducing the production cost, and reducing the possibility of damaging the surface of the coiling material.

(3) This production line can make full use of the width of the coil material, adopt the high precision servo motor drive system control, so that the distance between the wafers and the distance between the wafers to the edge of the material is reduced to the minimum, thus reducing the amount of waste. Maximize the utilization of raw materials.

(4) The production speed can be increased to 20-60 pieces per minute, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

(5)With a modular mold design, when converting wafer production specifications, the conversion time can be reduced to less than 15 minutes. Aluminum wafers ranging in diameter from 85mm to 700mm can be produced.

(6)Advanced unwinding system, six-fold leveling machine, high-rigid mechanical press, automatic palletizing system,etc. Many functions ensure the quality of aluminum wafer products.