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The Reason for the Wide Application of Aluminum Circles

Aluminum Circles

The main components of the aluminum wafer unwinding and blanking production line are: loading trolley, unwinding machine, leveling machine, feeder, swing unit, special closed single point mechanical press, rapid die change device, palletizing unit, scrap shear cutting, hydraulic systems, electrical control systems, etc.

With the continuous development of technology, aluminum wafers have been widely used in our lives, and now they have been developed and applied in aerospace and military industries. For example, various housings and protective covers for electronic appliances. It is understood that aluminum metal is now ranked second in the current global metal utilization, second only to steel. The reason for its universal application is that aluminum has properties that are not found in other metals.

We all know that aluminum is very light in mass and much more resistant to corrosion than any other metal. These two are also the most remarkable properties of aluminum circles. Because of its small density and light weight, aluminum wafer is widely used in aviation, automobile, ship and other transportation industries. In addition, spaceships, satellites and other high-profile industries also use a large number of aluminum wafer, aluminum metal and aluminum alloy.

Secondly, aluminum has very good electrical conductivity. Its electrical conductivity is weaker than that of copper, but because of its large reserves and low density, it is only equal to 1/3 of copper, so it is necessary to transport the same amount of electricity as long as half of the mass of copper. In addition, aluminum oxide film is not only corrosion-resistant but also insulating, so aluminum circle metal is widely used in electrical industry, wire and cable industry and radio industry.

Aluminum circles and aluminum alloys are often used as forgings in industry to produce various shapes and types of forgings, and can be connected in a variety of ways, including welding, Electrical welding methods such as resistance welding can also be connected by bonding and mechanical methods of riveting and bolting. In addition, aluminothermic agents are often used to smelt refractory metals and welded rails, and can also be used as a deoxidizer in steelmaking processes.

These are some of the properties that aluminum has, and these characteristics are also the reason why aluminum wafers can be widely used.